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A Glimpse of the Traditional Publishing Route

For a newbie or someone who has been self-publishing for most of their career as an author, the traditional publishing process might be overwhelmingly complicated. From signing a literary agent to landing a book deal, it can be close to impossible when it comes to penetrating the traditional publishing industry.

Every author’s journey toward the traditional publishing route will be unique. However, there is a common formula or blueprint that allows them to skip the bureaucratic process of getting acquired by the big players in the industry.

This is crucial for every author because knowing about publishing both traditionally and independently, the greater their sense of assurance as they share their stories to a wider audience.


Empowering Authors Everyday

We cut out the bureaucracy between authors and traditional publishers by providing contemporary solutions that have been tried and tested throughout time.

Acquisitions NY provides authors with a comprehensive roadmap that gives them a stronger tool for their submissions. Our firm utilizes over a thousand of its connections within its network across major traditional publishing companies. Ultimately, our firm is driven by the wins, big and small, of our authors.