About The Acquisitions Team


Empowering Authors Everyday

We cut out the bureaucracy between authors and traditional publishers by providing contemporary solutions that have been tried and tested throughout time.


In our constant search for the next best-selling book, we invest our time and resources in narrowing down a shortlist of books among millions in the market. Our passionate representatives strategize the game plan for every book to widen its probability of acquisition. Our firm utilizes over a thousand of its connections within its network across major traditional publishing companies to understand the current trends and demands, allowing authors to properly target specific publishers.

Since our inception, it’s our core principle to empower authors in their uniquely fascinating career tracks. It’s a common misconception that authors could readily endorse their stories to traditional publishers on their own, while in fact, these major industry players would instantly reject unsolicited submissions. More importantly, those that don’t have any legitimate representation.

With us here at Acquisitions NY, we embolden authors by providing them with a comprehensive roadmap that gives them a stronger tool for their submissions. Ultimately, our firm is driven by the wins, big and small, of our authors—because we believe that we make the world a little better with every story shared.